Flowers for Funerals

In the delicacy and beauty of flowers there is a timeless expression of love, solace, and remembrance;

and a beautiful funeral tribute honours the memory of a loved one and conveys so much heartfelt emotion. 

Each of these floral designs has been thoughtfully crafted to convey aspects of a person's life. 

These designs are more than simple decorations,

 they serve as living memorials—expressions of respect, sympathy, compassion, and a celebration of lives well-lived.

It is an honour and a privilege to create beautiful funeral tributes.


Vegitable Grower's floral tribute
Yellow, lemon and light blue floral tribute
Coral, pink and white floral tribute
Floral tribute in pink and white
Mushroom and mauve floral tribute
Floral tribute of red roses and baby's breath
Funeral Tribute contemporary native flowers
Funeral Tribute Blue and White flowers
Funeral Tribute garden style lilies and seasonal flowers
Funeral Tribute Mauve Purple and Pink
Funeral Tribute Blue and White

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