How Can Flowers Enhance Your Love Language

Published: Tuesday 21 March 2023

How Can Flowers Enhance Your Love Language

Love and Flowers

Love is one of life’s greatest pleasures and can be full of fun, joy and amazing happiness.  Yet sometimes, we can feel a little lost in our relationship … and not really know why?

It might be we’re not speaking the same love language.

Gary Chapman is the author of “The 5 Love Languages”, which explores the languages of love and his book makes a lot of sense.

He suggests people convey their love in different ways.  It might be verbal compliments and encouragement, doing things for your partner, giving small and meaningful gifts, physical touch, or it could be spending quality time together. 

What do you think your partner prefers, and what do you appreciate most?

This five minute Love Language Quiz can help you answer that question.

And once you and your significant other have identified your love language, it’s time to get creative and have some fun.  And who knows, it might increase your understanding of your relationship and open up a new chapter of harmony and appreciation.  If you score highly on giving small and meaningful gifts hopefully there will be more flowers in your life.

There are many reasons why flowers enhance your relationship.  At Alstonville Florist we have regular customers who might buy a beautiful single red rose this month, come back for a large bouquet a month or two later, or just drop in after they have visited the bottle shop and purchase a small posy of their partner’s favourite flowers.


Flowers for love and affection

Flowers have been symbols of love and affection for centuries. They’re natural, beautiful, have a gentle fragrance and convey heartfelt meaning.  And they make people smile!

A beautiful bouquet of roses or gorgeous seasonal blooms can instantly brighten someone’s day.  Your partner will know they are greatly appreciated and loved. 

Even better if it is a surprise bouquet of flowers with a message of love and appreciation!

Happy Partner Receiving Flower

Flowers for Nurturing Relationships

Flowers are a wonderful way to help pave the way to a smoother and more loving relationship.

We’re human, and there are times when stress and tension affect the way we feel.  Sending your significant other a beautiful bouquet and having flowers on display in your personal space can help re-establish a calm and uplifting environment that encourages connection and intimacy.

Flowers radiate beauty and are a gorgeous, meaningful gift that has the ability to lift spirits and touch the lives of people in extraordinary ways.  When words may not be easy to find, flowers can fill the void and convey your heartfelt emotions in a beautiful way.

When you choose to include flowers in your life you are letting your partner know you are keen to nurture and strengthen your relationship.  At Alstonville Florist, we know that it's the small thoughtful gestures that can make a big difference.

Flowers for Romance

As we all manage our day-to-day dilemmas, our relationships can become routine and ho-hum.   Showing your love and appreciation with an unexpected thoughtful gift can help keep the romantic spark burning.

Maybe in the past you have given your partner red roses on Valentine’s Day, or on a significant day in your relationship; but have you ever given your partner a bouquet of their favourite flowers for no reason.  Have you left a single red rose on their pillow; or, as some of our customers have done, scattered rose petals on your bed.

 Flowers for your Future

You might have connected flowers and finance when you have bought a beautiful bouquet, but have you ever considered how a thoughtful gift of flowers might be connected to your financial security?

When chatting with one of our regular customers a few years back, he talked about his professional training and related the story of a university lecturer who challenged students with the question – what will be the greatest financial threat to your business? 

There was much discussion with the professor finally getting to the point. 

He told his students that no matter how busy they became in their professional lives, if they nurtured their relationship with their partner, they were likely to nurture a long-term relationship, and avoid a divorce.

And yes, our customer is a frequent visitor to Alstonville Florist.

Happy Couple with bouquet of roses


Flowers for Long Time Love

Flowers are so much more than beautiful blooms.  Their power to convey love, affection and gratitude is endless … and while the flowers will wilt in time, their meaning and the memory they have created will live on. 

Flowers might be ephemeral, yet their significance in confirming your love will be everlasting.

At Alstonville Florist we now the power of flowers and are heartened to see the smiles and happiness when we deliver flowers.

So, when you’re ready to nurture your love with a beautiful bouquet, let us know, and we can organise an Alstonville flower delivery for that very special person.  We can also organise a flower delivery to Lennox Head, Ballina, Lismore and other Northern Rivers locations. 

We look forward to your call.

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