Zanzibar Zenzii

Zanzibar Zenzii
Zanzibar zenzii indoor plant
Zanzibar zenzii indoor plant in a lounge room
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The Little Zanzibar (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

Is probably the most exciting new indoor plant that has come to the Australian market in recent years.

Zanzibar Zenzii is a very attractive plant with compact and stylish dark green leaves, short nodes between the leaves gives the plant a unique shape and character, the thicker bowed leaf stems give this ‘little Zanzibar’ that ‘robust’ look.
Zenzii is slower growing then Zanzibar Gem, but that can be an advantage as time gets away so quick anyway, Zenzii will give you joy for many years and will always be a talking point in any one’s home or office.

Caring for your Zanzibar Zenzii is easy

Do not over-water it.

Over watering causes the underground tuber to rot. Watering once a month is plenty. Water less in colder conditions.

Add a slow-release fertiliser to the pot in spring

Do not worry about pests – very few affect the Zanzibar Zenzii.

When it is time to re-pot you will see or feel a slight bulge in the pot.

Re-pot using a very free draining potting mix. You can even add a few pebbles or gravel to the mix to keep it free draining.

Ensure your Zanzibar Zenzii is kept out of direct sun.

They will flourish to a beautiful dark green in less light conditions.

Zenzii will stay shorter than Gem, will grow to maximum of 80 cm tall will grow under low light condition like the gem